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Pilots with access to light aircraft and/or small jets able to fly at least 4 people (CAA safety standards apply)Pilot team leaders to coordinate > 4 pilots on large Air Smiles DaysTeam Leaders to coordinate Air Smiles DaysAir Smiles Days volunteersCake makersPhotographersBeing Douglas Bear at Air Smiles Days or airshowsPromoting fly2help at airshowsTalking to young people about your career in aviationHosting students on visits to aviation companies, airfields and heritage collectionsHelping at fundraising eventsOrganising a fundraising eventTalking to schools and groups about fly2help

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In line with our safeguarding policy, we will need a reference for you to confirm that you are a suitable person to work with children, young adults and vulnerable people. If you are well known to an existing fly2help member of staff or volunteer, please provide their name and phone number. Otherwise, please provide the name and contact number of a referee who is willing to give a verbal reference. Please note that this cannot be a relative.

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