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Our impact

Aim High

"Sharing the love of flying"

Aim High opens the door on the world of aviation.

Our mission starts with young children looking up at the skies, helping build their dreams and encouraging their ambitions. 

 The young people who take part in Aim High today are the aviation innovators of tomorrow. 

Aim High 

What do you want to do?
Be a pilot
Design the next electric aircraft
Fix a jet engine
Aim High with us!

Air Smiles - Atticus

Atticus died when he was only 4 years old. A few months before, he and his little sister went flying together. Their Air Smiles Memory Book means she can keep her brother with her forever.

@ Southampton Airport 

Air Smiles

"When life gets you down, we pick you up and make you smile again"

The best thing about an Air Smiles day is the personal touch. Whether it's for a child, a family or a group, the fly2help team will tailor the event for you. 

 As well as a flight, we  also arrange activities to make the day extra special. 

 And of course, Douglas Bear will be there to give you his support.

Air Smiles - Malachi

Because I'm blind, the pilot let me feel the outside of the helicopter before we took off. During the flight the noise, movement and vibrations were incredible. 

 @ London Biggin Hill Airport


Aim High 

Our young people get few opportunities to envisage a fulfilled future.
You gave our students a glimpse of working life at an airport that was truly inspirational.
June, Headteacher

@ Gloucestershire Airport

Air Smiles - Ted

I flew Spitfires during the War but this was the best flight of my life.
So peaceful and lovely to be up in the air looking down on my home.

 @ Newquay Airport