Support received from the Department for Transport for the Aim High Programme

Aim High is taking off

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded grant funding to develop our Aim High Outreach Programmes which will increase access to our unique careers and personal development programmes across the whole of the UK.

We will be working with youngsters from primary ages up to school leavers, providing information, motivation and inspiration whilst focusing on supporting the aviation and aerospace industries by increasing accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability which will be are the core of our programmes.

Our new partnership with the DfT recognises the importance of the fly2help Aim High Programme, which sits at the heart of the aviation and aerospace industries, helping to shape the future of the industry and connecting with passionate and talented youngsters across the UK.

Our new outreach programmes will include a wide range of innovative ideas and opportunities to inspire the next generation and we are excited to roll out the following programmes in 2020/21

Sustainable Futures Programme

Connecting with aerospace companies in Gloucestershire to explore the future of aviation with emphasis on sustainable development and future careers

Cleared to Aim High Age 7-11

Travelling around the country with our “Runway Roadshow” targeting specific areas to reach out to as many youngsters as possible that may not have been exposed to aerospace industries and therefore start to sow the seeds for their future.

 Aim High North

 Developing a week- long programme spent at a airport in the north of the country to give teenagers a taster of working life at an airport or third party companies that provide aviation industry services. This will show the variety of careers involved in keeping an airport operational.


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