How we help

Doesn’t everything feel better from above the clouds? With a tail wind behind you and blue skies stretching ahead
you can look at life from a different perspective. And even if you do know how planes stay up in the air
it is still a magical feeling to defy gravity.

Aerospace is one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the UK, employing nearly 1 million people and producing £52 billion of business. With air traffic predicted to increase by 5% over the next twenty years
up to 35,000 more aircraft are needed, 500,000 more commercial pilots and many more engineers,
technicians and ground crew to get them safely up in the air.

fly2help uses the inspirational experience of flight to:

  • Improve the emotional wellbeing of children and adults coping with physical disabilities, distress, anxiety or isolation by arranging experience days centred around flights in small aircraft
  • encourage young people to consider future careers in the aviation industry by running week-long scholarship programmes and an alumni network
  • raise the self-esteem and confidence of disadvantaged young people by running taster days and mentoring programmes
  • enable individuals and organisations with an interest in aviation to participate in and support our work so that more people can benefit

We do this by working with pilots, aircraft owners, airfields and aviation companies, as well as many volunteers and supporters, to run Air Smiles flight experience days and Aim High education programmes.