Acorn Free School’s Air Smiles Day

Acorn Free School’s Air Smiles Day

The Acorn Free School provides a unique alternative education for youngsters aged 11-16, who for a variety of reasons may not be succeeding in a conventional classroom environment and are therefore at risk of exclusion.

The school brought along 32 pupils and teachers for a day at RAF Coningsby, where they met pilots from the 29(R) Squadron Typhoon Display Team, went flying, spent time with instructors to have a go on the Typhoon Simulator,
visited the BBMF and watched an air display.

“Everybody from your team and the RAF talked with passion, and never judged my children, sharing humour and vast amounts of knowledge.  In “Ofsted-speak”, the day was outstanding.  I accompanied three children who have very difficult backgrounds but are managing in school following our programme. They were asking questions about speed and height and why does the plane bank and this has led me to start a project in science about flight (history, physics, maths and language of flight).”

Teacher at the Acorn Free School

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